Chocim Battle 1621 – 2015

On 3-4th October 2015 in the castle of the Kmita and Lubomirski in the Old Wisnicz the reenactment group Parva Armis took part in the third edition of the event “Battle of Chocim 1621”. [Pokaz zdjęć]


In the gallery below you’ll find craft objects made by members of our group. There are both projects: tailor, jewelry, sculpture, leatherwork and gunsmithing. These works are the result of our hobby and passion. [Pokaz zdjęć] 12►

Upcoming Events 2015

Upcoming Events Parva Armis 2015:   3-4.10.2015 New Wiśnicz, Poland, The Battle of Chocim, for more information: Historical reenactments in which the group Parva Armis participated in 2015 Picnic, May 1, New Wiśnicz, Poland March on the occasion of the Read more…