Our full name is Parva Armis Reenactment Group.

We come from Cracow – one of the oldest cities in Poland, situated on the south of our country.
We established our group under the name of Parva Armis in 2014. We are new formation, but most of our members are reenactors for many years.

We are proud of our sabre fighters, who specialize in the XVII century fight techniques – recently they took 2nd and 3rd place in the competition which was held in Nowy Wiśnicz.
Our main goal is to reenact history by learning historical crafts and to raise our skills in the former fight techniques.

We regularly take part in the reconstruction of the historic battles of the seventeenth century. We reconstruct: Polish dragoon troops, the Swedish regiment and Turkish mercenaries Akıncı.

We participate in historical events, both in Poland and abroad including Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. We are well-trained reenactors and close-knit squad. We shoot with black gunpowder guns and fight with melee weapons. We offer shows of ancient martial arts and a seventeenth century drill. We also cooperate with Szelindek Music band  we make Polish-Hungarian historic fight and music show. We invite you to cooperate!

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